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The warrior goes into combat with a strong sense of duty and purpose.  It’s difficult to return home only to feel misunderstood and disconnected ---even from your family and loved ones.
What’s even more difficult is being expected to return to “normal.” You have been asked to exchange the skills and behaviors that were effective and valued in combat for more socially "acceptable" ways of conducting your life.  Vigilance, knowing your surroundings at every moment, is now termed hyper-vigilance, an exaggerated, unacceptable behavior.  
I know first-hand the effects of combat and the struggle to live a happy, peaceful life.  I know the inner struggle to "readjust" while dealing with intrusive thoughts of lost comrades; of deeds done or not done well enough. 
I also know that it’s possible to live well with combat experiences, holding on to and utilizing the positive values one believes in as a warrior.  The process of “readjustment” is not one of becoming “like you were” before combat.   It is rather the process of bringing to your current life, the strength, duty, honor, courage, and commitment you have found in yourself and highly value as a warrior.
You have had experiences that most people cannot even imagine.  You have reached into the depths of your being to do the job that was asked of you.  You know the value of friendship under terrible circumstances; putting one's life in the hands of a buddy, holding fast to the motto, "no one left behind."
This transition process frequently requires someone being there for you---someone who has been there and understands what you are going through.  I’ve been there, I understand.

 One vet put it this way,
The most meaningful words I’ve ever heard were not, “I love you,” but rather, “I understand.”
You don’t have to go it alone.  You can learn to live well with your combat experiences.  
Call me at (661) 265-7282.  I want to hear your story.
Gerry Rice, MFT
(661) 265-7282
The Road Home...